We’re hiring professional Yorkshire-based drivers, can you take the wheel?

Do you know someone with excellent driving skills and a private hire license? We’re looking for friendly and professional Yorkshire-based drivers to join our team! Our services range from airport transfers and corporate travel, to weddings and special group-travel occasions so


  • Private hire license
  • Yorkshire-based
  • Reliable, punctual, professional, friendly

Want to become an Elite Voyager Driver and get the opportunity to drive our luxury fleet across the UK? Contact Steve on info@elitevoyager.co.uk to apply.

Your Christmas carriage awaits

Organising the office ‘Christmas do’ is a tough job for office managers and assistants; finding a venue to suit along with a fun activity all takes planning in order to run smoothly. But why put so much effort into the event and then ask employees to make their own way there?

Luxury transport can be as much a part of the night as the Christmas party itself, our fleet of six and seven seater vehicles can collect employees and chauffeur them to the surprise location and even deliver them home safely at the end! Employees will travel in style with Wi-Fi, leather ‘captain style’ seating and music entertainment in our vehicles, and if requested we can even offer a few onboard refreshments to help spread the festive cheer whilst on route to the party.

Starting the night with a stylish touch will show your loyal team members how much you value them and make sure the all-important Christmas party goes off with a bang right from the start.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any travel needs. You can also get an instant online quote and make a booking on our website.


Read our full Christmas newsletter here for 3 benefits of booking private transport and join our database!

Staying connected while travelling for business

Booking chauffeured transport is often seen as a luxury or infrequent experience, but there’s no reason why it can’t be the go-to option for busy executives when time is of the essence. Elite Voyager works closely with organisations across the country to deliver their business travel needs from airport transfers for international trips, to meetings across the UK.

Here are a few frequently asked questions from our business passengers:

How can I stay connected whilst on the road?

  • All of our vehicles have 12 volt charging points for mobiles, tablets and laptops so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery half way through your journey. There is also the option to have WiFi so there’s no need to rely solely upon mobile signal.

I don’t like to be interrupted during the journey, can you ensure privacy?

  • Our Mercedes V Class and Chrysler Grand Voyager are soundproofed and have privacy glass so you can travel in comfort knowing your journey will be uninterrupted. It goes without saying that our drivers offer a personal and professional service, providing all passengers with the upmost discretion so interruptions from both inside and outside the vehicle are minimised.

Before booking a journey, I need to see full licenses, documentation for insurance policies and DBS checks. Are these available for me to check?

  • We encourage our passengers to view our licences and carry them with us wherever we go, all you need to do is ask and we’ll be happy to show you. It’s important to know that if you’re travelling with someone who does not have the appropriate documentation, your safety is at risk and you aren’t insured for the journey.

Travelling with your pet; the Elite Voyager guide to a smooth journey

Whether you’re visiting family, having a staycation in the UK, or flying with your pet, Elite Voyager is here to make your journey as easy as possible. We understand that using public transport with your pet can be stressful, from finding space for them to sit safely to negotiating crowds in stations or terminals, which is why we welcome pets in most of our vehicles as long as you let us know in advance and bring the right equipment with you to secure them in.

You can rest easy knowing that they have the space to travel comfortably without being trodden on or disrupting other passengers. Our drivers understand that travelling with a pet comes with extra considerations, such as stopping a few times along the way for a stretch of the legs or toilet breaks, which we’re happy to do to ensure the journey is a smooth one. And with climate control or air conditioning in each of our vehicles, you won’t have to worry about them overheating and panting throughout the journey.

So, what do you need when travelling with your pet?

  • A means to secure them in the car – having animals loose in the vehicle is a recipe for disaster and something we are not willing to risk, so we ask all customers to bring either a harness or crate for the journey.
  • Water – travelling can be stressful (for both humans and pets!) so make sure you have plenty of water on hand for the pitstops.
  • A collar with a name tag – microchipping is compulsory for dogs but it’s also a good idea to make sure they are travelling with a collar in case they panic and make an attempt for freedom.
  • Time for breaks – it’s likely that the journey will take a bit longer due to pitstops, so make sure you give yourself enough time to get to your destination without feeling rushed. If you need dropping at the airport for a flight with your pet, make sure you have time once you get to there to give them a walk and some fresh air before checking in and boarding.

If you would like to book a journey with your pet, please get in touch to confirm with our drivers. Not all of our cars are suitable for carriage of pets, but we will do our best to accommodate (please note, it may incur additional fees). For our full terms and conditions, click here.

Why you should consider booking private transport to an upcoming sports match

There are certain comfortable benefits to watching a sports match from your own sofa at home, but nothing beats having a ticket to be in amongst the action live at the match. However, just getting to the venue can be exhausting, not to mention finding parking or negotiating public transport giving you enough time to purchase those all important refreshments for the game. So why not book private transport to take you and your friends to the stadium without drawing straws for the designated driver?

Travel in comfort leaving the traffic and diversions in the trusty hands of our professional drivers who will drop you as close to the stadium / ground as possible and be waiting for you at the end. Our larger Mercedes and Chrysler vehicles can seat up to seven passengers (perfect for group travel!) and they also have charging points so you can head to the game with a full battery ready to catch the goals on film.

We’ve chauffeured groups to many sporting events including the Six Nations Rugby, the FIFA World Cup and the Cricket World Cup – from home games in England, Scotland or Wales to providing airport transfers for those lucky enough to get tickets abroad! Get in touch for a quote and don’t leave it too late to book for the big fixtures.

Elite Voyager acquires West Yorkshire based Excell Executive Chauffeurs

We are pleased to announce that we have further strengthened our customer base and fleet of executive cars with the acquisition of Queensbury-based Excelle Executive Chauffeurs. The well established company has offered the same high level of luxury, professional, good value service to Yorkshire-based clients as we do at Elite Voyager for many years. We look forward to meeting the business and leisure travel needs of Excell’s loyal customers, including transportation to and from major UK airports, sporting events, corporate events, cruise ports, and weddings.

The acquisition follows the retirement of Excell’s owner. Elite Voyager owner Steve Beales says: “We’re pleased to be able to take over the reigns from Stewart who offered a high quality service to his clients across West Yorkshire. I would personally like to welcome all of Excell’s existing customers to Elite Voyager.”

Stop wasting journey time when travelling for business with our mobile office solution!

Travelling for business can’t always be avoided, but all that time out of the office doesn’t have to mean time wasted on your busy schedule. Our luxury vehicles offer you the perfect mobile office environment, complete with wifi, soundproofing, privacy glass and adjustable seating in the back of our Chrysler and Mercedes with “swivel ‘n go” chairs so face to face meetings can take place on route.
All our vehicles have 12 volt charging points for mobiles, tablets and laptops so you’ll never have to worry about arriving at your destination with a low battery notification again! (Read about other features our luxury vehicles have here)
It goes without saying that our professional drivers work with the utmost discretion and any conversations taking place within the vehicle remain private. If you need to book corporate transport for either yourself, a colleague or boss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Booking private transfers – a stress-free start to your holiday

Going on holiday is usually an exciting part of your year, but it can quickly get off on the wrong foot if you arrive late at the airport or shipping dock for your cruise. Booking private transport is something you can tick off your list before the big day arrives, and means you can focus on making sure you have everything packed and ready!

Our fleet of luxury vehicles all have climate control, 12 volt charging points for mobiles, tablets and laptops, heated seats and of course a Sat Nav. All of our vehicles have generous legroom and storage space for luggage, but our Mercedes V Class is our largest and most spacious; seating up to seven people with ample space for the not-so-light traveller. Find out about the other luxury features our Mercedes V Class and Chrysler Grand Voyager have here and start your holiday as a VIP.

Why it’s important to travel with a fully licensed and DBS checked driver

Whether it’s an airport transfer for your annual holiday or corporate transport for senior executives, booking a private chauffeur is an important service that you should always have peace of mind with. To ensure that you are travelling in safe hands, we encourage our passengers to ask for confirmation that all drivers and all cars are fully licensed.

Our drivers travel with and are happy to show our documentation to passengers. However, if you travel with an alternative company that doesn’t have the certification to hand, it’s important to know that your safety is at risk and you are not insured for the journey. DBS checks are in place to ensure the safety of the public so we encourage our passengers to view our documentation before commencing any journey, this will give you peace of mind that your journey will run smoothly from the meet and greet to arriving at your destination.

Huddersfield Town FC Premiership fixtures 2017/2018

Being based in Huddersfield, we couldn’t overlook the success of our local football team Huddersfield Town FC, which is now in the Premiership!

After a flying start beating Crystal Palace away from home 0-3, fans are looking forward to a stellar lineup of fixtures, with highlights including Liverpool away at Anfield on Saturday 28 October 2017, Arsenal away at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday 29 November 2017, Manchester United away at Old Trafford on Saturday 3 February 2018, and Chelsea away at Stamford Bridge on Saturday 21 April 2018.

For those that want to take full advantage of their local team making it to the top flight, we can transport you in style from Huddersfield to the big games and back. Get in touch using the contact details above/below to find out more!

See the full Huddersfield Town FC 2017/2018 fixture list here.