Yorkshire business travel

Elite Voyager is trusted by some of Yorkshire’s leading businesses and organisations to provide regular chauffeur travel services to senior executives with domestic international travel needs, including transferring them to and from UK airports. We also provide corporate hospitality for groups going to awards ceremonies and social events, and other business travel services to meetings, conferences and corporate events.

We provide those responsible for booking corporate travel, including Personal Assistants (PAs), Executive Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Office Managers and Facilities Managers, with peace of mind that passengers will receive a warm welcome and luxury experience at a reasonable price with all the necessary paperwork in place.

Our vehicles are ideal for corporate travel with luxury, comfortable interiors and features such as privacy glass and mobile Wi-Fi for a mobile office environment.

Corporate accounts are available for regular clients, making booking regular trips online easy from an admin and finance perspective.

Top tips for PAs and Executive Assisstants booking safe, reliable executive chauffeur travel

  • Ask for confirmation that ALL drivers and ALL cars are fully licensed and
    DBS/Local Authority checked
  • Ask to see copies of Fleet Insurance policies, Public Liability Insurance policies, Vehicle Certifications, Operators’ Licenses and Driver Badges
  • Check that they are licensed via the Local Authority to offer a meet-and-greet airport service
  • Ask whether vehicles have mobile Wi-Fi to enable passengers to stay connected during their journey
  • Check online reviews and testimonials to ensure that customer feedback is positive and get an idea of the level of customer service offered by drivers
  • Using a company that has an online booking/payment facility and the option to set up an account will make life easier when it comes to paperwork and finances
  • Ask if they offer additional services such as text messages with driver / car details for extra reassurance, especially for lone female business travellers.